Pedigree of Midnights Hope at Raezhaven ‘Darcey’      D.O.B 23/12/09    Colour: Blue Roan & Tan    Breeder: Mrs E A & Mr M Ward      Owners: Mr P & Mrs R M Birt and Mrs A Nicholson-Haynes









Silvertips Knight of Danalimatt

FTCH Whaupley Reiver

FTCH Rigfoot Teal

Anahar Whirlwind

FTCH James of Anahar

FTCH Tayburn Valentina of Anahar

Beechcroft Raven

Yogi of Islabank

Peat Brown

Maesydderwen Suki

FTCH Maesydderwen Jackdaw

FTCH Housty Solo

FTCH Wintonwildfowl Dotterel

FTCH Wernffrwd Kathleen

FTCH Maesydderwen Kestrel

FTCH Wernffrwd Silk

Maran Megan

FTCH Dolgarreg Aron

FTCH Gwibernant Llewellyn

Jasper of Gwibernant

Imp of Gwibernant

Hensyl Amber

FTCH Swallow Law Snipe

Wernffrwd Cochyn

Peregrine Millie

FTCH Larford Cole

Laighpark Lance

FTCH Wernffrwd Ammwyl

Bishopsmill Girl

FTCH Wernffrwd Dai Bach

Sians Teal

Midnight Galaxy

Wenji Berrimilla


Spagate Jay

Laighpark Clancy

Mctavish The Rave

FTCH Laighpark Floss

Bishwell Dameg

FTCH Gwibernant Llewellyn

Parkbreck Elm of Bishwell

Wenji Lady Madonna


Ammerdown Conker

FTCH Wernffrwd Bunterson

FTCH Shadow of Maesydderwen

Wenji If I Fell

FTCH Craig Felin Angus

Lady Fern of Wenji

Redlynch Special Edition

Midnight Constellation

Housty Jackpot

Housty Ghost

Housty Countess

Millrace Amber

Prebendfield Robbie

Millrace Bumble

Jackalantern Eternal

Gypsum Nike of Jackalantern

FTCH Wernffrwd Siarl

Windmillwood Black Lace

Playful Pasha of Jackalantern

Gypsum Guss

Ridge Lane Lucy